Georgian Bay View House Dormer Constructed

Friday June 8th the guys are constucting the roof dormer which faces south. The shaft of light will enter into the open concept living room, kitchen and dining room, giving great natural light to the spacious interior area.

June 5/12 

We have installed most trusses by 11am. before Penetang Sand, Gravel and Crane service leaves all trusses are on the walls.

Steve Grozelle and sons Adam and Alex have finished the rough construction of the interior walls of the house. Picture taken facing the entry doorway. Door is double wide, wide arch at entry and wide hall to bedrooms. Exterior walls are 2x6 wood and interior walls 2x4 wood. 

It was hot today but the perimeter walls were constructed and standing by days end. Each section assembled and stood up and braced in place.

We had to dig down some 2.5 meter to make a connection to the city sewer line and city potable water line. This connection is right next to the end of the road culvert as shown in the picture here.

After the foundation has been erected and parged to provide a smooth and tight surface the waterproofing product "Rub-R-Wall" (link) is sprayed on followed by a bubble sheet known as Wrap-N-Drain to allow water passage down to the weeping tile which is run along the footing.

The foundation is complete, sealed, waterproofed with "rubberall" a patented product to Advanced and now the Electrican is on site bringing in the power from the road.

  • Basement is excavated by Darren at Drumax Construction Barrie
  • Footings formed by Steve Grozelle Penetang. Steve will be doing all the framing of the house.
  • Concrete for the footings Provided by Sargeants of Midland.
  • Blocks provide by Altas Block of Victoria Harbour. They placed the block right inside the foundation walls for ease of use and picked up for return the spares.
  • Block Laying by Stan Barber Tay Township.