in-floor heating system  If you are looking for an in-floor heating system for nice warm floors in your new home, we'd be happy to design, layout and install. The system includes a water heater, temperature controls, pumps, and multiple independent heating areas.  Call us and we can discuss before work begins.  


DIAGRAM PROPERTY HOMES soldAs an update, and visual these are the properties sold at Riverdale Estates. Some very good lots are still available both waterfront and creekfront. Also the interior lots with close proximity to the water are available. I was at site the other day. Just great, quiet, area. Ice is still on the bay, the creek is flowing fast and rejuvenating itself. Flushing out all the debris of the winter. Looks like it is going to be a great summer. Drop by and have a look, make an appointment to examine the house plans and options on financing. 












You'll Love it Here! 

The snow is gone, come out and have a look at the properties, the water front, and the creek. As you are likely aware Georgian Bay water levels are down this year. spring-creekDue to the lower water, the creek has carved out a good channel for itself. flushed out the deposits that had accumulated over the last couple of years ans is now very clean. The site is essentially snow free so come out and have a look.  








Spring is here and the snow is disappearing. We have been working with a couple of interested people on house designs and will soon break ground on another new house consturction project for the summer. We should be at the Cottage Life show International Centre Toronto April 5, 6, and 7.  Picture of early spring at Riverdale Estates, Victoria Harbour.

 Spring riverdale 2013








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The model home has been sold. We are currently building on Lot 7 creek-side with walk-out. Two more lots like this available. Come out and have a look.  Happy to show you the plans of this house or another that will suit your lot selection. many people are calling and viewing the lots and plans, interst is high, don't be disappointed, so call me, John, now at 705-791-2571.

The restrictive covenents pertaining to minimum house size have been revised down to give the perspective home owners more flexibility in the design of their home. 

victoria harbour real estate in the snowThe last time I entered a few words it was about snorkeling. We are not doing that now but the winter has been different with a lot of temperature swings. The ice on the bay is frozen, good for cross country skiing and ski-doing, and the season to save $$thousands...

Did you know there are more than 50 snorkel-able wreck site on Georgian Bay? I have found and snokelled on quite a few of them. Would be interested to hear from you of the location of the Wawinet off Beasoleil Island. Apparently it sit in shallow water of the tip of the island. From lands it is a short ride by boat to this wreck. Also, the wreck of the Indian Belle is close by. I found some boards and chain. Any one with information to locate the hull would be appreciated.

Indoor Air Quality - In the model home in Victoria Harbour, and all the homes that we will be building at, will include a Heat recovery ventilator fully ducted system. This system will draw stale, humidity laden and odour filled air from the  washrooms, and kitchen for exhausting outside AFTER the system removes the heat or coolness from the air stream. 

Hi:  Now that the model house is complete and ready for your viewing, I have turned my attentions to developing a couple of unique new custom designed floor plans for lots 2 and 6. Lot 2 is an interior lot that would be well suited to a 2 storey hosue with an apartment. Have a look the 571 O'Leary Lane tab.